Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time for Mahmoud Abbas to Turn in Keys and VIP Passes

The Israeli voters and beyond them the American Jewish community made it very clear, there is no peace with Palestinians, no peace with Arabs, no sharing of Jerusalem and no evacuations of settlements and no tearing down the Apartheid Wall, certainly no end to the siege and starving of Gaza, no end to the targeted assassinations, and nothing but contempt for their partners in Ramallah.

I do not know what other message did Mahmoud Abbas was waiting for to come from his “peace partners” in Tel-Aviv. The Israeli voters voted in a resounding voice, no peace, and no chance for peace and made it clear that the war crimes on Gaza, the spilled blood of tens of thousands, the destruction of the entire infrastructures of Gaza are not enough for the Israeli voters. They voted for parties they expect to take harsher and more ruthless measures with the Palestinian than Kadima/Labor government did.

For over 20 years the PLO and Fatah have engaged in “peace” process and negotiations that got the Palestinians no where. In fact the situation in Gaza and the West Bank is much more worse now than it was 20 years ago, before the late Yasser Arafat and his partners Mahmoud Abbas and Ahmed Qurai decided to undermine and abort the First Intifada in favor of getting and securing for the PLO and Fatah a very lucrative contract with the Jewish Occupation.

Jewish settlements are every where, in every hill top, around every town and village, wringing Jerusalem and Bethlehem and cutting off Jerusalem from the West Bank from all sides. Checkpoints are every where, around every village and every town subjecting people to daily humiliation, insults, misery every day with some waiting for 10 hours or more just to go few miles to the next village, some even die at these security checkpoints while waiting for 18 old Jewish soldiers to have their fun and entertain themselves.

Towns and villages are subject to arbitrary curfew and closers, with their farms uprooted and destroyed, their livestock killed and buried under armored bulldozers. Jewish Only Roads are chocking access and interactions between villages and towns, while criminal Jewish settlers roam free throughout the land. Palestinians are imprisoned at their homes, with more than 11,000 kidnapped and held hostages. More than 350,000 Palestinians had been through Israeli prisons at one time or another.

Oslo was a very good deal for Israel, and was even a better deal for the PLO and the leadership of Fatah. Oslo was never good for Palestine and for the Palestinians. Israel was able to pass all of the costs to the world community, with the Palestinians Authority doing the beginnings. Israel kept its military and Jewish settlers in place and in charge throughout the country. The Palestinian Authority was able to secure for itself a very lucrative financial and management contract, it could never even dream of, giving jobs to all those who failed to liberate Palestine, but came back with the permission of and approval of the Jewish Occupation.

Oslo was a very good deal for the PLO and Fatah leadership securing for its leadership thousand of VIP passes so that senior officials of Fatah and PA can zip through the hundreds of checkpoints while the rest of the miserable people have to endure hours and hours if not not days waiting at checkpoints, tired and humiliated

Oslo was able to perpetuate the failed leadership of the PLO and Fatah and give them a new lease on life after running out of money to support a decadent life style, with tens of billions stolen by the leadership. The same leadership that after 18 years of managing the people for and on behalf of the Jewish Occupation have nothing to show for, no viable, working and functioning institutions, no accountability or transparency, certainly no independent justice and judicial system. Nothing to show for but tens of billions stolen and thousands of million dollars villas for those who claimed to have liberated Palestine.

Time for Mahmoud Abbas to close his shop and turn in the keys to his employers in Tel-Aviv and time for him and all of the senior executives and leadership of the Palestinian Authority to turn in their VIP passes to their employers and sponsors in Tel-Aviv. Time to shut down the Palestinian Authority as a failed experiment and call it quit.

Time for all Palestinians to burn their Israeli issued IDs in mass protest of the Occupation and time for all Palestinians to start the first and real step toward ending the Occupation, not through negotiations but by forcing the world to intervene and force Israel to end its occupation that lasted 41 years. Time for a new smart, accountable and engaging leadership to take charge and put Fatah and Hamas out of business once and for all.

Time for the Palestinians to engage in a sustained civil disobedience, no guns, no stupid Qassam rockers, no suicide bombings, but sustained civil disobedience that will wear Israel and its supporters down and engage the people of the world for a challenge they never expected to face, putting an end to the Zionists enterprise and putting an end to the Jewish Occupation and save Israel from its own people.

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